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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Dual Sheer Shades / Zebra Blinds

Blindall 17 July 2020 0 comments

The modern look for homes is becoming more popular over time. One of the easiest ways to help establish and improve this look is by the use of dual sheer shades, also known as zebra blinds. As the name suggests, dual sheer shades use two layers of semi-transparent fabric with opaque strips between the outer layers that act as blinds. With this combination of fabrics, they can block direct light completely, or just partially. Dual sheer shades are very versatile and there are many benefits to using dual sheer shades in your home.

Better Light Control

With dual sheer shades, it is easier to get the exact right amount of light. Dual sheer shades can be more finely controlled than traditional blinds. Not only are the controls easier to use, but you can get different width for the inner vanes which can help you further control how much light is coming into a room. The high customization of the dual sheer shades means that no matter the type, size, or location of a window, there will be an option that fits your home.

Light Weight and Better for Large Windows

One of the biggest benefits of dual sheer shades is that they are much lighter than their traditional counterparts. This can be advantageous for two major reasons. The first reason is that dual sheer shades are much easier to operate. People who are not as physically able, will not have as much trouble with dual sheer blinds. Because they are lighter, simpler control systems can be used, such as having a looping pull cord similar to what is used for operating vertical slat blinds. These simpler control systems are much easier to use. The other big advantage of having lighter shades is that you can put them on bigger windows. One of the issues with big windows is that traditional blinds can get so heavy that supporting the weight becomes an issue. With dual sheer blinds, because they are so much lighter, this will not become an issue until you get to very large windows.

Versatility in Style

Arguably one of the most important things about getting new shades is making sure that they look good. Shades that don’t fit the style of the room or overall colour scheme can take away from the ambiance that you worked so hard to create. With dual sheer shades, there are so many different widths and colours, it is easy to find something to fit every room. For example, if you are doing something more modern, you can get dual sheer shades with wider vanes in white or black, to help make a very modernist appearance. Or if you are going for something more traditional, thinner vanes with a more natural wood colour could fit very well in a room.

No matter what kind of style or look you are going for, you will most likely be able to find a set of dual sheer shades that not only fit the look that you are going for but also fit your budget. Take a look at what we have to offer and find your next great look.

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