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The most popular window treatment: Dual Sheer Shades / Zebra Blinds

Blindall 5 August 2020 0 comments

Contemporary design standards are swaying towards a more simplified and subtle, yet sophisticated and efficient decorating pieces. According to home decorating blog The Spruce “by focusing on colour, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh” you can view that article here. Left to their own devices, windows are a magical thing, they provide immediate relief from the mundane nature of being inside, which often occurs during the winter , offering a glimpse at whats going on outside. With the simple addition of shades , and blinds a window can be transformed into a gatekeeper of light and darkness, old-fashioned security ensuring the privacy of its owners, all the while adding style and completeness to the room in which they reside. Home Stratosphere an interior design blog reports that blinds are the most preferred window treatment out of the nearly 750 people polled, 58% choose blinds as their preferred method of window treatment. Blinds are considered to be a “hard” window treatment, due to the fact that the material most blinds are made of – wood, vinyl, or metal-. Shades, curtains, and drapes are all considered to be “soft” window treatments due to their tendency to be made out of soft materials namely soft fabric cloth, should you desire to look further into the difference between blinds and shades, visit the following link to Blinds Galore.

Looking further into contemporary design styles for window treatment, one style has been gathering a lot of attention as of late, dual sheer shades AKA zebra blinds , reading that out loud sounds like an oddly specific audible a football quarterback might call out, or some weird variation of the phonetic alphabet, in actuality a dual sheer shade/zebra blind is a shaded window treatment featuring a light fabric material, in coordination with alternating striped pattern (here the zebra reference). This style is wonderful at many times during the year, however during winter is when many people appreciate their zebra design the most. By alternating materials of dark and light colour, one by one, the zebra shade allows owners to access the outside world, without being blinded or having a completely “naked” window (gasp!!!!). Part of the appeal behind the dual shear blinds is the bouquet of options available, different opacity, colours, or even pattern style. Highly customizable, sleek, stylish, I’m running out of positive attributes but you get the point. The dual sheer style can be set up in a variety of ways, from a traditional blind I.E. “hard” window treatment as mentioned earlier, or the dual sheer style can be placed on a roller, akin to a projector screen you might find in any average classroom. A simple pulldown covers the window, while an immediate pull down and release raises the blind back up.

Providing an exceptional combination of contemporary style, performance (if such a thing can be said about a window treatment), and room for personalization make dual sheer “zebra blind” shades a great option for window treatment.


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