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Wood or Fabric Blinds?

revealwp 13 August 2021 0 comments

Blinds are a great asset to a space because they add texture and dimension. However, what texture you choose for a blind really matters and is an important thing to consider when shopping for blinds of your own.

So, which texture should you add to your home?


Fabric blinds can add a lot of depth and intensity to a space, depending on the fabric that you choose. By choosing a heavier fabric, you can make the space seem cozier and more lived in. Plus, you can add a sense of intimacy and sophistication. If you choose a lighter fabric, you give the space a more airy and summer feel. Lighter fabrics allow the sun to peek through the blinds themselves, making the space feel almost beachy in a way. Another great thing about fabric is that you can choose its colour. This allows you to decide if you want the window covering to be more neutral and subdued or add a pop of colour to your space. The darker fabric colour you choose, the darker your space will go. It may not seem like your fabric choice changes a lot about a space, but it really can.



Wood blinds are great because they are naturally very neutral. People see trees all around and never really notice them, this is sort of making your blinds like a tree. But, this can really work to your advantage because you allow other items in your room to stand out. If you desire another object in your room to be the focal point, using wooden blinds is a great way to accomplish that. Plus, wooden blinds give off a very natural vibe that you can use to your advantage in a space. Regardless of the wood that you choose, your body will recognize the material and naturally calm down. Wood blinds are perfect for a relaxing space and they are an addition that can really tie everything in your room together.


In The End

Blinds affect your space and yourself regardless of what kind you use. The important thing to remember is what you want your blind to accomplish for you. Also what goes with your pillows!


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